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Geneos Joins Cybersecurity Co-op

05-8-2018, 08:12   News   

With cybersecurity experts headlining wealth management industry events, firms are taking extra steps to make sure their customers’ data and assets are secure. Geneos Wealth Management said they’ve joined the ranks of cybersecurity co-op cleverDome Inc., which will provide the broker/dealer with a “community-based solution” to data protection. Having completed the due diligence requirements and cybersecurity assessments mandated for all cleverDome members, Geneos will have access to the co-op’s private and secure internet. “Cybersecurity is not an area where firms should be competing against each other,” explained Dean Rager, executive vice president of Geneos. Co-op stakeholders take a hybrid approach to cybersecurity, combining best-practice commitments from members with technical controls designed to thwart hackers. “Our goal should be to work together to move the financial services industry to a higher level of data security,” Rager added. “This requires that we act together to set standards and solve the cybersecurity issues that are facing our industry.”