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cleverDome Named Finalist in 2018 Industrywide Competition, Dubbed Financial Services "Industry Disruptor"

08-13-2018, 02:20   News   

cleverDome Named Finalist in 2018 Industrywide Competition, Dubbed Financial Services "Industry Disruptor"

cleverDome’s cybersecurity solution for financial firms and their clients was voted "most likely to disrupt" at 2017 Orion Fuse Event and now with this industry finalist honor is being tapped yet again as an industry “disruptor.” “We love being dubbed 'a disruptor' and are very pleased to be acknowledged in this way," said Bridget Gaughan, Chief Risk Officer and co-founder, cleverDome. "While some people may think of 'disruption' as upsetting or bad, the cleverDome community actually sees disruption as a  good thing – because disruption is almost always needed to change the status quo. For cleverDome, that means getting financial services companies to work together and adhere to specific cybersecurity standards. One key component is to get off the open Internet and under "the dome" – a software defined perimeter designed to protect confidential consumer information. Just look at all the alarming data breaches in the recent news – BMO, Aflac, Equifax and many more. This needs to happen – and it needs to happen now, before more damage is done."