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Predictive Life Event Data from InterGen to be Sheltered under the Dome™

11-9-2018, 03:13   News   

Through InterGen's AI-driven technology, advisers using Orion’s platform will be able to create, review and advise on their clients' plans at an even higher and more intuitive level. The insights they'll receive from InterGen will help them see and understand specific life events that may be looming ahead for specific clients. cleverDome's end-to-end military-grade cybersecurity platform will shelter this sensitive data, allowing advisors to fully unlock and discover the hidden insights that exist within their client base. "Today's firms are standing on the precipice of new Digital Wealth models that are being driven by artificial intelligence, 3rd party innovation, and technology accelerants that could lead to either tremendous growth, or historical disaster," said InterGen founder and CEO Robert Kirk. "Whether you are pushing the envelope of adopting new technologies, or if you are deliberately taking a wait-and-see approach, our industry is moving ahead and transforming at an exponential rate. The fear of missing the boat is a reality, but so is the fear of doing the wrong thing."