Responding to the Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities


Two new vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre, or speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities, have been discovered in modern processors that allow malicious programs to steal information from the memory of other programs. This means that the malicious program can steal passwords, account information, encryption keys, or theoretically anything stored in the memory of a process.

Vendors have started to release information on how customers can protect themselves from Spectre or Meltdown and the status of their services. To make it easier for FinTech vendors, BDs/IAs, and Financial Advisors to respond, we have created this page and will be adding links to advisories as they are released.

cleverDome Responds / Guidance from Financial Computer:

Brian Edelman, CEO of Financial Computer, Special Update to the BD / IA Cyber Consortium
Brian Edelman, CEO of Financial Computer, SPECIAL UPDATE of cleverDome Network Constituents re the Processor Design Bugs

Financial Computer Steps to Protect Your Endpoints:

  1. Backup everything!
  2. Understand endpoint vendor version issues and what to do with registry key
  3. Update endpoint protection
  4. Set registry to accept the patch and implement the patch
  5. Update the power shell
  6. Update the bios

Useful Links: