cleverDome Solutions creates meaningful solutions making both consumers and business safer and more productive for the financial services industry

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Consider cleverDome to provide your business solutions services. Innovative solutions offered by cleverDome empower industry leading firms. We can build new solutions, enhance existing, or provide counsel on solutions you are considering.

Current innovations being offered to the industry


Links clients between platforms using centralized client relationships


Simplifies real time interactions with CRM and other platforms


Customizable rules engine that validates account opening information, to reduce Not in Good Order Situations(NIGO), and enhance the laserApp experience

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cleverDome is a provider of innovative technology solutions for organizations supporting the financial services industry. We are committed to researching, developing, and utilizing technology to help organizations expand their ability to deliver customer value in the marketplace.

Our Team

Aaron Spradlin

President and CTO

Aaron Spradlin is President and CTO of cleverDome Solutions and Vice President of Information Technology at United Planners. Aaron has taken his determination for meaningful business solutions to develop innovative technology solutions in a collaborative fashion with strategic partners to drive their collective abilities to deliver clever solutions. He is also responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of both United Planners and CleverDome IT infrastructure, Software Development/Integration and Technology

Matthew West

Senior Systems Engineer

Matthew West is the senior systems engineer of cleverDome solutions. He is responsible for the design and implementation of software and infrastructure of cleverDome systems. He is an eclectic engineer who enjoys blacksmithing, building robots, and spending time with his kids.

Mike Miller

Infrastructure Security Architect

Mike Miller is President of ManageIT, and Technical Advisor to CleverDome. For 20 years Mike has focused on delivering solutions to improve security, and business efficiency through technology. As President of ManageIT he has worked with many companies including several Fortune 500 companies to assist them in becoming better prepared to defend against ever changing threats, and facilitate growth though better technology utilization. As an advisor to CleverDome, Mike is responsible for planning, implementation, and auditing of security for the CleverDome platform. He also contributes in the hardware and network design of the platform.

Paul R. Osterberg

Technology and Cyber Security Controls Consultant

Paul Osterberg is a financial services industry executive with experience in technology, operations, and marketing. Paul was previously the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of AFAM | Innealta Capital. He also worked at National Financial Partners as SVP, Operations & Systems and Director of Technology. Paul consulted to numerous financial services companies while working at Deloitte Consulting. His clients included ING, Ameriprise, Northwestern Mutual Life, Nationwide and Wells Fargo.


Paul has a BSB in Finance from the University of Minnesota. Subsequently completed industry and technical courses at Columbia University in New York City and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Strategic Advisor

Joel Bruckenstein

Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP is an internationally recognized expert on applied technology for financial professionals and Publisher of Technology Tools for Today (formerly Virtual Office News).He is also the producer of the annual Technology Tools for Today (T3) Advisor Conference, the premier technology conference for independent financial advisors, as well as the T3 Enterprise Conference. Information about hiring Mr. Bruckenstein as a consultant or as a speaker for your event is available at

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