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“Bank On It” with Aaron Spradlin

In an effort to help the financial services industry understand how technology is creating both challenges and opportunities for their firms, Aaron Spradlin, CEO and co-founder, cleverDome spoke at the fourth annual In|Vest Conference sponsored by Financial Planning magazine and other SourceMedia publications. Aaron joined a panel of experts to discuss how blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing are impacting financial services firms. Later, “Bank On It” podcast host John Siracusa interviewed Aaron on the session, "Blockchain, Quantum Computing, AI - What's Next in Wealth?" for an eye-opening view of what is actually happening in the financial services realm. Aaron begins speaking at 21.50 on the 41-minute clip.

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Cybersecurity Risks when Fintech Firms Go International to Find Tech Talent

Facing stiff competition from U.S. tech giants, fintech companies are looking overseas and finding greener pastures. But Rick D'Angona, chief executive of third-party credentialing and risk assessment firm 3PAS Global, says offshoring engineering increases cybersecurity risks, especially in nations known for having higher rates of fraud and corruption. While savings can be achieved by using services overseas, given all of the extra risk management and compliance controls, Aaron Spradlin, chief executive and co-founder of cybersecurity firm cleverDome, questions how much money an fintech company really saves.
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cleverDome Named Finalist in 2018 Industrywide Competition, Dubbed Financial Services "Industry Disruptor"

cleverDome’s cybersecurity solution for financial firms and their clients was voted "most likely to disrupt" at 2017 Orion Fuse Event and now with this industry finalist honor is being tapped yet again as an industry “disruptor.” “We love being dubbed 'a disruptor' and are very pleased to be acknowledged in this way," said Bridget Gaughan, Chief Risk Officer and co-founder, cleverDome.
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5 Ways to Shore Up and Protect Data Privacy– A Primer for Financial Services Firms

Data privacy and protection has become a daily headline with everything from the latest data breaches at major institutions such as Equifax, to intentional exploitation of consumer information by Facebook. Around the globe, governments and regulatory organizations are reacting with more privacy requirements as companies struggle to find the balance between protecting confidential client information and providing both businesses and clients the ease of sharing information with legitimate parties. In this guest blog post for, cleverDome co-founder and Chief Risk Officer, Bridget Gaughan, offers a list of things to consider adding to your data protection and cybersecurity strategy.

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Need to Vet a Vendor for Cybersecurity? You’ve Got Help

Co-op cleverDome’s deal with 3PAS provides secure guidance in choosing an external vendor.
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cleverDome Members to Receive Important New Benefit: Free Vendor Risk Management Due Diligence via 3PAS Global

cleverDome, Inc.™, a B-Corporation that provides a community-driven solution to protect confidential consumer information by taking that information "under the Dome"TM (i.e., secure and off the open Internet), and 3PAS Global, a third-party credentialing and risk assessment service, today announced the formation of a long-term strategic plan to offer 3PAS supply chain information security risk assessment services to cleverDome member organizations. Effective immediately, cleverDome membership fees include not only the basic 3PAS due diligence (which is ISO-based) but also due diligence which is compliant with the cleverDome cybersecurity standard (which includes the basic ISO plus NIST, NY DFS, and FINRA/SEC guidance).
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Geneos Girds Cyberdefenses by Joining cleverDome

IBD tech chief Dean Rager leverages “co-op groupthink” on cybersecurity best practices.
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Geneos Joins Cybersecurity Co-op

With cybersecurity experts headlining wealth management industry events, financial services firms are taking extra steps to make sure their customers’ data and assets are secure. Geneos Wealth Management said they’ve joined the ranks of cybersecurity co-op cleverDome, Inc., which will provide the broker/dealer with a “community-based solution” to data protection. 
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Gěneos Wealth Management, Inc. Joins cleverDome, Inc.

Gěneos Wealth Management, Inc. today announced that it has become a member of cleverDome, Inc.,TM a B-Corporation that provides a community-driven solution to protect confidential consumer information by taking that information “under the Dome”TM (i.e., secure and off the open Internet).
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cleverDome’s Aaron Spradlin Discusses Cybersecurity Trends with InvestmentNews at TD Ameritrade Institutional's National LINC 2018

Cybersecurity is more complex than just hacking and phishing. While at the TD National LINC event in February 2018, Matt Ackermann of InvestmentNews and Aaron Spradlin of cleverDome discussed the dangers of the cloud and how advisors and financial firms can mitigate issues.
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