Get Under the Dome!

How secure is your confidential information in the open internet?

Server scanning, SQL injection, exploits and many other cyber-attacks are a sad reality for most companies today. Traditional solutions have only partially solved this problem, and then, only briefly. Given the open nature of the public internet, hackers always return to thwart your "new and improved" controls.

It is time to go "under the Dome"!

cleverDome provides a community driven solution that protects confidential consumer information by taking that information "under the Dome", i.e. secure and off the open internet

Military Grade Cyber Security

The cleverDome Solution

Simple and safe access for members

You don't need to learn anything new, just access it normally through a web browser or a SSH client. Access to the Dome is controlled through a provisioning process to determine which members can access which services on which servers. All members have met minimum cybersecurity standards and completed the due diligence process to come under the Dome.


Members enter the Dome using protected devices.

Our partner Entreda provides a unified platform to automate cybersecurity and compliance policy enforcement for your devices, users, networks and applications so members can access the Dome from anywhere with a protected secure device.

THE FAST Secure Connections

Are you ready for real speed?

The cleverDome secure network, powered by NetFoundry, provides a fast secure private network that is up to 10 times faster than the public internet.

Let's boost!

See how it Works


As the financial services industry reacts to escalating cyber attacks and regulatory oversight, many point solution providers promise to deliver true requisite cybersecutiry protection. However, the reality is most point products fall short in delivering true end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that are verifiable and regulatory compliant per SEC/FINRA standards. None deliver end-to-end security without performance degradation.

Are you a registered investment adviser, broker/dealer, service provider or vendor - enhance your security and effectiveness under the Dome!

A True Trust Network

Circle of Trust

The cleverDome Solution is protected by a Software Defined Perimeter which works as a Dome to protect members by combining endpoint protection, secure communication, and secure API. cleverDome members work together to build the new private, secure Trust Network.


  • End-to-End, Military Grade Cybersecurity
  • Zero Compromise Network Performance
  • Compliance per NIST SP-800 Guidelines
  • Verified, 3rd Party Due-Diligence

Get Under the Dome!




FCI, Inc. and cleverDome, Inc. Continue CyberSecurity Awareness Campaign at T3 Advisor Conference

7-02-2018, 00:44   Blog   
Meet the experts in Booth #211, attend presentations on data security for financial services firms, learn about new regulations and compliance requirements

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