Solving Cybersecurity’s Largest Problem

A first of its kind “Community-driven Platform,” that protects confidential data, secures it and takes it off the open Internet.

Discover the future of cybersecurity Under the Dome!


Today’s cybersecurity challenges in a digital and virtual world are unsolvable because cybersecurity products and services are based on a broken security model. Confidential consumer information is sent, received, stored and accessed on or through the open Internet which is inherently unsecure. cleverDome solves the unsolvable with the Dome by using device and military grade network security combined Perfect for FinTech and LegalTech and many other industries seeking the maximum level of secure business transactions with Regulatory Compliance. CONTACT US AT ‪(650) 687-7729 OR WWW.CLEVERDOME.COM TO DISCOVER HOW FOR ONE MONTHLY FEE PER DEVICE YOUR BUSINESS CAN BE FULLY PROTECTED AS REQUIRED BY REGULATOR CYBER STANDARDS TODAY


Entry to the Dome is restricted to secure devices, i.e. devices with end point protection in place with 24/7 monitoring and in-depth operational analytics


Data is protected by a private internet where the data goes through a specially configured cloud directly to the destination point using real Military Grade Cybersecurity. The data is fractionalized and dispersed over multiple channels. The result is a private network that is safe, reliable and 10 times faster than a VPN connection.


cleverDome acts as a trust broker by provisioning cleverDome Members to exchange confidential data. Each cleverDome Member is required to meet the cleverDome Standards and complete the due diligence process.


cleverDome has created the first proven model that redefines the standards for protecting the most confidential data and information of consumers in the cloud. cleverDome protects critical data by providing a path forward to take financial services data “under the Dome”, i.e. secure and off the open internet.

The “Dome” is a revolutionary model built on a platform that delivers a software defined perimeter (SDP), a logical set of disparate, network-connected participants within a secure computing enclave, for the cloud. Confidential data is hidden from public discovery via the cleverDome secure network, and access is restricted by cleverDome to the specified cleverDome Members, removing confidential client data from public visibility and reducing the surface area for attack.

cleverDome Members enjoy many benefits including:

End-to-End, Military Grade Security
Zero Compromise Network Performance
Private Network that is “multiple times” faster FASTER than the internet
Less complexity/More agile. Easy Administartion and Simple Network Provisioning – One Button Process!
Verified cleverDome Member Due Diligence which is shared with cleverDome Members, eliminating the need in the FinTech industry to respond to individual broker/dealer and registered investment adviser due diligence questionnaires
Registered investment advisers, broker/dealers, service providers, and vendors — enhance your security and effectiveness under the Dome!


cleverDome Is Uniquely Positioned To Successfully Protect Confidential Consumer Information

Benefit Corporation Status

  • Public benefit of safe, reliable and fast internet connections
  • Higher level of transparency and accountability
  • Act in the best interests of cleverDome Members and the public, not just its shareholders

Proven Platform and Customer Success

  • Partnership with industry leaders
  • cleverDome uses a community like model
  • A True Zero Trust Network

cleverDome, Inc. is an Arizona Benefit Corporation (B Corporation) that operates with Customer sand Members including software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisers and ultimately their investor clients (cleverDome Members).

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