cleverDome Provides Solution to Broken Cyber Security Model

05-17-2021, 07:33   Blog   

With cyberattacks on the rise, successful breaches per company each year have according to an Accenture study risen more than 27 percent, from an average of 102 to 130. Ransomware attacks alone have doubled in frequency, from 13 percent to 27 percent, with incidents affecting thousands of targets and disrupting public services and large corporations across the world. 

Now Capital One, with greater than 100 million records, hits the news! “Even if you aren’t a Capital One customer, the recent data breach should serve as a motivation to protect yourself from any possible fraud,” says CNBC editor Jim Pavia of this recent article How to protect yourself from a breach even if you’re not a Capital One customer.

One of the most significant data breaches in recent years involved the successful theft of 143 million customer records from Equifax, a consumer credit reporting agency. That cybercrime created devastating consequences due to the type of personally identifiable information stolen and knock-on effect on the credit markets.

Information theft of this type remains the most expensive consequence of a cybercrime. Among the organizations that Accenture studied, information loss represented the largest cost component with a rise to greater than 43 percent in 2019. While compliance technology is important, organizations must spend to a level that is appropriate to achieve the required effectiveness. 

Today’s cybersecurity products and services are based on a broken security model. Confidential consumer information is sent, received, stored and accessed on or through the open Internet – which is unsecure.

cleverDome solves this problem “under the Dome.” cleverDome members secure their data in transit and go through a complete due diligence process that includes all connected customers and partners. This forms the foundation for true protection and provides a fiduciary responsibility to all in the ecosystem.

Contact Michael Hallett, CEO, cleverDome, for a 1:1 conversation about your cybersecurity concerns today.