FCI, Inc. and cleverDome, Inc. Continue CyberSecurity Awareness Campaign at T3 Advisor Conference

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Meet the experts in Booth #211, attend presentations on data security for financial services firms, learn about new regulations and compliance requirements

FCI, Inc. (formerly known as Financial Computer, Inc.), a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that delivers seamless cybersecurity compliance to protect financial advisors, staff and client data, and cleverDome, Inc.TM ,, a B-Corporation that provides a community-driven solution to protect confidential consumer information by taking that information “under the Dome”TM (i.e. secure and off the open Internet), will continue their industry awareness campaign at the T3 Technology Conference for financial advisors happening February 6-9, 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Aaron Spradlin, CEO and co-founder of cleverDome, and Brian Edelman, CEO of FCI, and their respective teams are laser-focused on moving the financial services industry to a higher and more secure level of data security. Edelman is a nationally recognized cybersecurity expert specialized in the financial services industry. FCI became a member of the cleverDome Co-Op and will now offer to its clients, “the Dome” as part of its comprehensive cybersecurity compliance solution. Spradlin, who also serves as CTO for independent broker/dealer United Planners, has raised the awareness of data security risks and cybersecurity issues facing the financial services industry and founded cleverDome to deliver solutions to protect confidential consumer information.

To help financial advisors understand all the nuances and requirements, Edelman and Spradlin have agreed to participate at the T3 Technology Conference for financial advisors hosted by industry technology expert Joel Bruckenstein.

Here are three ways to continue the conversation while at the T3 conference:

#1: Visit Booth #211 and Get a 30-Day Free Trial + a Discount on ProtectIT
Edelman and Spradlin, along with select other cleverDome Co-Op Members, will be in the T3 Exhibit Hall during standard exhibit hall hours. Stop by to learn more about cleverDome and why the new cleverDome cybersecurity standards and protocols are important for financial advisors and financial services firms. Get a preview of FCI’s new Protectit solution and sign up for a 30-day free trial + a discount if you continue on as a subscriber.

“Advisors who sign up for the FCI Protectit solution while at the T3 Conference will receive a significant discount,” Edelman said, “but only IF they are planning to adopt or are in the process of adopting the cleverDome cybersecurity standards. While knowing what to do is important, actually doing what you need to do is even more important. FCI is now ready and able to deliver the solution for adopting the cleverDome cybersecurity standards, at scale, in a seamless turnkey fashion to put financial services firms and investment advisors in compliance. Protectit meets the highest level of requirements, in the fastest, easiest way and at the lowest possible cost – and work effort – for the adopting firms.”

#2: Edelman Presentation on Cybersecurity and New Regulatory Requirements

Friday, February 9, 2018
10:10  – 10:19 am
Caribbean Ballroom – Salon I-III
Cybersecurity and Time-Sensitive Regulations: Being Prepared for New York DFS Rule Taking Hold March 1, 2018

Edelman will talk about how firms doing business in New York (Covered Entities) must take action regarding the DFS Cybesecurity Rule. He will outline how to navigate through these requirements to ensure cyber-aware advisors are ready for the March 1, 2018 deadline.
“Don’t be fooled into thinking this regulation won’t be coming to your state soon,” Edelman says. “The good news there is a three-step process to reduce potential issues: First, policies and procedures need to be documented and in place (e.g., the cleverDome cybersecurity standards). Second, a report of required technical controls needs to be produced and sent to regulators (e.g., an FCI audit / report). Third, ongoing cyber tools should be installed to monitor and mitigate any issues before they become a problem.”

#3: Panel Presentation on Cyber Security and Regulatory Risks

Thursday, February 8, 2018
4:00 – 4:40 pm
Caribbean Ballroom – Salon IV
Mitigating Cybersecurity and Regulatory Risks: The #1 Thing to Focus On Now

Selecting vendors with the right technology and cybersecurity expertise to support your growing RIA can seem overwhelming—but miss even one critical element in the due diligence process could harm both you and your clients. If your vendors breach cybersecurity protocols YOU could face bad publicity and sanctions from regulatory authorities. The sad reality is that Meltdown, Spectre and many other cyber-attacks will get the best of many financial advisory firms … IF they are not prepared. Join Brian Edelman, CEO of Financial Computer, Steve Ryder, President of True North Networks, Brad Burgess of Orion Advisor Services, and Aaron Spradlin, Founder and CEO of cleverDome, as they share their thoughts on how to protect your clients’ confidential information and your business while meeting ever-increasing regulations in today’s ever-more-risky digital world.

FCI, Inc. (formerly known as Financial Computer, Inc.) has been providing professional IT services and cybersecurity solutions within the highly regulated legal, medical and financial fields for over twenty years. The company offers security tools that are easy to implement. The goal is to keep firms compliant based on stringent regulations and cybersecurity policies. Founder and CEO Brian Edelman started his career in 1986 with a top producing, multi-disciplined financial services sales office. In 1995, he founded Financial Computer, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), to offer a complete suite of cybersecurity solutions customized for financial services firms with independent sales offices. Over the years, Edelman has developed a unique expertise around regulations, compliance, and cybersecurity. He is a frequent speaker at major conferences in the industry such as T3 (Technology Tools for Today), TD Ameritrade, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Edelman has been a media resource for major outlets such as CNBC, Financial Planning magazine, and InvestmentNews. Learn more at

cleverDome,Inc. is an Arizona Benefit Corporation (B Corporation) that operates as a Co-Op. Members include managed security service providers, software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisors and ultimately their investor clients (read news release from November 2017: cleverDome Launches Secure Financial Services Solution at the 2017 T3 Enterprise Conference). As a B Corporation, its mission is to protect confidential consumer information through safe, reliable and fast Internet connections. cleverDome CEO and co-founder Aaron Spradlin and chief legal counsel and co-founder Bridget Gaughan established cleverDome as a B corporation to create a solid and permanent commitment to delivering a community-based solution to protect confidential client information. cleverDome provides a fundamental model for the future of secure trust networks: the unification of end-point protection with a secure communication layer under a common due diligence standard. This revolutionary model is built on a community-driven platform in collaboration with financial services industry thought-leaders. The Dome is powered by NetFoundry™,a Tata Communications business incubated in Tata Communications’ ‘Shape the Future’ program. Learn more at