Legal Week – March 7th 2022

03-05-2022, 15:04   Blog   
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CLEVERDOME will be attending LEGALWEEK 2022, MARCH 7-11

Data in Transit is probably the most neglected and vulnerable area of cybersecurity systems today. Today it is paramount, more than ever, that we protect our endpoints AND data on the open internet.

Finally, there is a superior and more advanced solution to VPN for protecting your sensitive data in transit.

The Dome is an unprecedented and patented software solution that was developed using military-grade technology with the LEGAL and FINANCIAL industries in mind.

The Dome locks down an organization’s endpoints and takes your critical and sensitive data off the open internet creating a complete 0-Trust Network.


Impenetrable Security Technology

4x-10x data speeds


Always Connected – 24/7/365 Protection of Data in Transit

Very Low Barrier to Entry

Simple Implementation, Management, and Scalability

Compliance with Regulatory Frameworks such as FINRA, GDPR, NYPS, CCPA, LGPD, PIPL


Any device connecting via wire, wifi, or tower domestic or globally



Contract Attorneys

Remote Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Cloud and Saas Services/Subscriptions

Vendor and Partners


General Counsel


· Remote Attorneys and Legal Professionals

· Domestic and International Travel

· Managed Review

· Cloud App Access

· Movement of Data between partners and clients within the EDRM ecosystem.

· Addressing concerns around data protection in cross-border matters and regional compliance surrounding protected data including PII.

“Data breaches are one of the most damaging and sometimes unrecoverable events an organization can experience. It takes years to build a reputation and no more than a few minutes of a cyber incident to destroy it.”

“Information is a critical and sensitive resource and component of most organizations’ competitive strategy. With the movement of client data in the legal world, it is essential that we maintain regulatory compliance and of the utmost importance that our clients’ highly sensitive data is never compromised during transit in the legal ecosystem.”